Black Sheep Inn: Benefit Concert for Eco-Justice – A New Year's Resolution?

Lynda Collins with special guests Allyson Rogers and Larry Pegg for benefit performances at the Black Sheep Inn on at 4pm January 11 2015 supporting www.EcoJustice.caJoin Lynda Collins (, Allyson Rogers and myself for benefit performances at the Black Sheep Inn at 4pm January 11th supporting

The Black Sheep Inn
753 Riverside Drive,Wakefield QC, J0X 3G0
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A $10 ticket to this event will be a sweet gift, maybe a stocking stuffer that might even be part of a New Year's resolution of sorts to being a little, or even a lot more determined to take more personal action for the future we will enter and leave behind. We all care about our environment and our ecological heritage and our place it it. As Lynda so beautifully sings, "All of us in this together." 

Come support our unsung Canadian League of Eco-Justice heroes, those that are in the trenches fighting for us. Hear the music and sing for them. A Sunday sell out will make a statement and demonstrate our commitment. 

Hope to see you supporting this great cause.

Many thanks,
– Larry