“Weight” Lyrics

It is the desperation of a late-night telephone call
And there’s a chill in the air as the leaves in our dreams start to fall
So park your expectations and excitations
By the fire route back of the mall

And weight
On me
Help me see
What love can be

Smell the strike of matches, watch the flames rise above it all
Then with a fire in our eyes we’ll go out like we’re ten feet tall
An end to endless hatred for all that’s sacred
In this burn down by the back of the mall

And weight
On me
Help us see
What real love can be

We can plan our escape
While they pretend they’re awake
Cause they haven’t a clue
Who we are

And Wait
For me
And we’ll see
What love can be
Na – Na – Na – Na – Na – Na – Na

Please Wait
There is a place
You can be safe
It’s not too late
Don’t close the gate.

We can escape
You’ve got to wait
Just share the weight
This love is great
This love is great

Your download purchase of Weight including royalties from Radio or Television Play will see 100% of those funds going to support Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Canada and other countries that support the cause of life. Does your organization want to help? Please contact LPGroove.