Business is Business is a ‘yacht rock’ parody about the absolute sociopathic businessman. Anyone come to mind? The great alto saxophone work was performed by New Orleans musician Aaron Fletcher. At the time of recording in 2012/13, I wanted to include it as a tribute to The Occupy Movement and in particular I think it fits Occupy Wall Street. I imagined the Gordon Gekko’s slicing their way through people’s savings with impunity, as if it were a game.  It’s a song that has brought many laughs and great harmonies when I wrote and played it with my good friend James Clugston (BG on this) and friends. Although my album is focused on suicide prevention, this song was a throwback to better days before my loss.

November 9, 2016 UPDATE: Given the US Election outcome, and the track record of unpaid, poorly paid and stiffed workers, I think we have a song that might be a strong contender for describing the attitude of oligarchs, whoever and wherever they are. Listen for the line “If I blow it...and lose control, will you post my bail?”  Little did I know that we nailed the "Trump sniff”,  four 4 years before the presidential debates. There’s a Flight of the Concords (Business Time) reference for good measure.