10 on the 10th

Each year, World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10, and World Mental Health Day is October 10.  By encouraging others to share the music and the message below you will be playing a big part on an important day that takes place every year. In the spirit of math and exponential equations, I'm asking us all to take this to the power of 10.

On September 10th and October 10th, buy and download the $10 digital MP3 album (Before and Afterlife: The Theory of Positivity) and see 100% of proceeds go to support www.DIFD.com a youth Mental Health charity under the umbrella of www.theroyal.ca.

Promote your contribution on Social Media 
Music can help promote the Mental Health message. Do your part through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) 

Sample Tweet:  
On Sep 10th, I supported #WorldSuicidePreventionDay & @difdroyal with my purpose of #TheoryofPositivity by @LPGrooves. We can make a difference.
On Oct 10th, I supported #WorldMentalHealthDay & @difdroyal with my purchase of #TheoryofPositivity by @LPGrooves. We can make a difference.

Promote on your Local Radio 
Songs like Weight, Lookin’ for the One and The One You Love have been played across Canada, Britain, USA, and Internet radio. Royalties generate revenue, and this revenue will go to help this charity. If you’ve got time, contact your local radio stations and ask them to play the music for Mental Health – Before and Afterlife: The Theory of Positivity. Note: Your local Radio will need to contact me at lpgroove1@gmail.com for radio quality versions. ALL radio royalties will go to support Mental Health.

How does the donation work?
Each $10 download, after PayPal fees nets $9.41 USD  per CD download. What's more, you can choose to pay anything you’d like over $10 (kind of like Radiohead did) and the full amount of your payment will go to support mental health as described above.