Twin Lakes Charity Disc Golf and Music Festival 2017 ... supporting The Royal/DIFD and The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Disc Golf Club has been active since 1998.  One of their charities has always been the Ottawa Food Bank. As I am lucky to live in and own access to a private parkland setting with two lakes, an ideal setting for a pop-up disc golf course, I saw an opportunity to create an event that combined my passion for Mental Health and Disc Golf, a sport that I have enjoyed for 20 years. So with that and the help of avid disc golfer Don Lane, Twin Lakes began on October 29, 2016. Year 2 featured a new twist, a stage was set up and an open mic music festival was added to entertain the participants. It was well received. In 2018, the plan is to bring more music and Ultimate frisbee to the event so we can raise even more funds and create awareness for these important charities. Join us.

After a great day on October 21, 2017, the sun has set on the 2nd annual Twin Lakes Disc Golf Tournament where this year we added an open mic music festival component that featured over a dozen songwriters and performers.. Join us next year 2018 for another great day of music and disc sport fun supporting The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, DIFD, and the Ottawa Food Bank. These three important charities are supporting countless people in need as well as our ongoing efforts in helping bring us all towards a brighter and healthier future.

See amazing Hole-in-One disc golf shots (Women and Men) in this video to the right.

The new Twin Lakes logo and discs are available for purchase and each purchase will support these great charities. Thanks to all our sponsors. $20 each or $55 for a set of 3 (driver, mid range and putter). That's all you need to learn and participate in this great sport. Use the contact form on this site to arrange for disc purchases.

Aerial Design Images Courtesy of Andros :-)

We've already met to discuss this year's event and we're working great ideas for making next year even bigger and better including an expanded music festival component with fun new holes. Here are the results and pics from 2017:

Thank you again two our very generous sponsors and musicians who believe in and supported this cause. October 14, 2018 is the proposed date for the third annual Twin Lakes disc golf and music festival. Join us again and be part of building something very special.

Here are the great musicians that contributed to the success of the 2017 event.


Dylan Watts - fingerstyle guitarist - See Dylan on YouTube below.

Gary Roberts - Drums and sound

James Clugston - guitars, vocals, drums, bass

Lynda Collins - singer songwriter, guitar - Get Lynda's music here:

Rob Kealey - guitar and vocals

Ken Julien - singer songwriter, guitar 

Anne Lyon - guitar and vocals

Barbara Mason - guitar and vocals

Lee Hodgkinson - guitar and vocals

Jason Gray - drums

Larry Pegg - Singer, songwriter, guitar - Buy Larry's music on this website and 50% will always support Mental Health & Suicide Prevention