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American Sun (2018) - Supporting #March4OurLives

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For all of you that are fighting for a safer future...Beyond the end of the gun.


American Sun © Larry Pegg February 16, 2018

Verse 1
We’ve turned down a wrong street
Just need a heart beat
Send them a soft kiss
To the one’s that we all miss

Don’t need the big town
Don’t need a fast car
Just need that feeling
One that gives us some meaning

Some share in this world
Through the hard times
Some make their deals
In the headlines

So I’m done
Burning out
In this American Sun
Cause we’ve been bleeding out
From the end of a gun

Verse 2
Names on a wall
People placing their bets
Homes full of fears
“Is this as good as it gets?”

Dad’s drinking hard
Mom has scars on her face
Tears trickle down
There’s nothing left to embrace

Live and die for good reason
Has gotten lost off the deep end
A world of doubt starts to creep in
Need something more to believe in

Yes I’m done
Bleeding out
In this American Sun
Is this who we are
Or who we’ve become?
Is it the end of a gun?

Solo (dobro and fiddle)

Something got twisted
Something was said
Gun under the pillow
Gun under the bed

Guns on the horizon
Guns in our songs
Deep-in-the-blood of the nation?
Deeeeep in the pentagon?

But there’s new suns arising
And the Children have come
They’re filled with a fire
And their will, will be done

Got to care for this world
Through these hard times
Don’t let it all crash
In a twisted sky-yyy- line

Yes! I’m done
Burning out
In this American Sun
We’re done bleeding out
From the end of a gun
I’d rather be brea...thing out
Under the sun
Can you see
A new American Sun
Beyond the end of the gun?
A new American Sun
For your Daughters and Sons
A new American Sun