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Black Sheep Inn: Benefit Concert for Eco-Justice – A New Year's Resolution? 

Lynda Collins with special guests Allyson Rogers and Larry Pegg for benefit performances at the Black Sheep Inn on at 4pm January 11 2015 supporting www.EcoJustice.caJoin Lynda Collins (, Allyson Rogers and myself for benefit performances at the Black Sheep Inn at 4pm January 11th supporting

The Black Sheep Inn
753 Riverside Drive,Wakefield QC, J0X 3G0
Click here for event details 

A $10 ticket to this event will be a sweet gift, maybe a stocking stuffer that might even be part of a New Year's resolution of sorts to being a little, or even a lot more determined to take more personal action for the future we will enter and leave behind. We all care about our environment and our ecological heritage and our place it it. As Lynda so beautifully sings, "All of us in this together." 

Come support our unsung Canadian League of Eco-Justice heroes, those that are in the trenches fighting for us. Hear the music and sing for them. A Sunday sell out will make a statement and demonstrate our commitment. 

Hope to see you supporting this great cause.

Many thanks,
– Larry

Musician to perform Sandy Hook benefit song at Daniel Barden Mudfest 

From News Channel 2 WKTV Utica

By ALLISON NORLIANStory Created: Apr 4, 2014 at 10:57 PM EDT
Story Updated: Apr 4, 2014 at 11:18 PM EDT 

DEANSBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Larry Pegg is a musician. The Canadian singer, song-writer and guitarist traveled from Canada to perform at the second annual Daniel Barden Mudfest, Saturday. He spoke with NEWSChannel 2 on Friday evening about why the Mudfest's mission holds close to his own heart.

The Mudfest started last year to remember Daniel Barden, a 7-year-old student who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The founder, Dan Williams, started the event after attending Barden's funeral. Barden and his niece were friends and classmates.

Pegg unknowingly became connected to the tragedy through his own personal tragedy. He lost his daughter to suicide seven years ago, a day that plays out in infamy in his mind. He used music as his therapy.

"I wrote a song called 'Last of the Hot Summer Days,' which was meshing America's grief over 9/11 with my own grief," Pegg said."And that my grief like America's grief will be everlasting."

Pegg was on his way to the recording studio to track that song in 2012, when the unthinkable happened, the Sandy Hook tragedy. Pegg says the news came across the radio in his car, forcing him to pull over.

"I pulled over and I cried. I went  to the studio and I laid it down with the pain of all those parents," Pegg said.

The song that helped him through his own tragedy, he plans to sing for all those who attend the second annual Mudfest at MKJ Farms in Deansboro.

"I have always tried to bring a positive message within the reality of life," Pegg said.

The Mudfest is a family friendly event that includes a kids half mile adventure run, an adult 5K and an adult elite run for experienced athletes.

All proceeds from the Mudfest benefit the Sandy Hook Promise, the Newtown community organization founded after the mass shooting tragedy. It will benefit Compeer, a community organization serving individuals in the Mohawk Valley who receive mental health services. 

Williams said he decided to make this an annual event after seeing the way it helped the Barden family last year, "It has been difficult but I have to tell you in November, Martin Barden called me and said last years mud run really helped pull them through. He asked if we could do it again and I said absolutely, we'll do it again."

Registration is at 7a.m. on April 5. The first wave of the 5K begins at 9:00a.m. followed by one every half hour.

To purchase Larry Pegg's song 'Last of the hot summer days,' or his CD you can visit this website. All proceeds from the sale of his song go to the Sandy Hook promise. 

If you purchase a physical copy of the CD or online, 50 percent of the proceeds go to the Sandy Hook Promise.

New video posted, cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Blood Brothers' 

Oct. 10th, 2013 - Today's Performance of Bruce Springsteen's - "Blood Brothers" was recorded last night by the cottage fireplace, I think it was a fitting setting for this incredible song. I chose it for World Mental Health Day (today) for those that are struggling to find a reason to go on, and for those that are grieving loss, as well as those that are working to make a difference in the struggle for Mental Health. Please take a minute today to think about all of them.

Sometimes it looks so dark, but there will be a day when you will find the light and if you let it grow that light will spread inside and out. Don't give up.

Also, my new album "Before and Afterlife: The Theory of Positivity" was released on Sept. 10th/13 (World Suicide Prevention Day) and it is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the causes of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. On WMHD (Oct. 10th) 100% of the album is going to the cause. On other days 50%. For every day, my song Last of the Hot Summer Days will see 100% going to support Sandy Hook Promise (@SandyHook). Also, 100% of proceeds for my song Weight will go to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention always. Details about why can be found at my website (

Donations includes radio play royalties. All downloads and radio play can be tracked via download and royalty report. What that means is that we'll know what region the music is being played or purchased. That means you can support organizations that are working in your country/region simply by downloading the music. Of course, you'll get a personalized thank you for doing that.

Meanwhile, please check out my website and support the music and the causes. Music Lives!